We are looking for talent to take on challenges with Mercoin.

Cryptoassets for Everyone

Create a world where anyone can seamlessly exchange value in all its forms

Circulate your value, anywhere and everywhere. This is our mission. Having an individual sense of what makes something valuable is the very reason we exchange value. When we give a form of value to someone, it opens the door to discovering value that surpasses what came before. At Mercoin, we aim to create a world that revolves around generating new forms of value.

Work with us to harness blockchain and other technologies to create products that anyone can use easily.


  • Go Bold

  • All for One

  • Be a Pro



At Mercoin, our organization is also shaped by our four foundations in order to embody the company values.

Work Style

“Your Choice” is Mercoin’s work style policy. It allows each individual and team to choose the work style that best enables them to demonstrate greater value and that leads to the highest performance for themselves/their organization.  *1

Each employee is free to choose how often they visit the office. They can choose to go to the office, to work fully remote with no office visits in principle, or anything in between.
Employees can also select where they live and work as long as they reside within Japan.  *2
Managers can recommend that a member choose to work in the office or remotely, but ultimately each individual can decide on whatever work style will allow them to maximize the performance and value of both themselves and their team.  *3
Note that all employees will continue to receive fair treatment regardless of whether they choose to come to the office or not.

  1. Assumes compliance with instructions and requests issued by the national government, local governments, and other administrative bodies in areas where Mercari offices are located.
  2. Some individuals may be required to come to the office in order to meet security criteria or due to other circumstances related to their work duties.
  3. Commuting expenses will be fully covered, up to 150,000 yen per month.


  • Complete health and social insurance
  • Incentive program
  • Support systems, including those that benefit employee family members
  • Translation/interpretation support