Circulate your value,
anywhere and everywhere

We believe that every one of us holds untapped potential and that everything has value regardless of its form.
At Mercoin, we are creating products that help people unleash their potential, empowering them to create and circulate value. Beyond goods. Beyond money.
We envision a world where anyone can easily exchange cryptoassets, digital assets, and any other forms of value, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to break the boundaries of what is possible.

Company Info

  • Company Name

    Mercoin, Inc.

  • Date Founded

    April 28, 2021

  • Main Business Activities

    Planning and development of cryptoassets and blockchain related services

  • Representative

    Naoki Aoyagi

  • Locations

    Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1
    Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6118,

  • Parent Company

    Mercari, Inc.

  • Press Kit

    Brand Assets


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    Naoki Aoyagi

    After working at Deutsche Bank, Naoki Aoyagi moved to GREE where he held the positions of CFO, CEO of GREE’s US corporation, and general manager. In November 2017, he assumed the role of Merpay CEO and is responsible for promoting Mercari’s payment and financial businesses utilizing his expertise of the financial and tech industries on a global scale. Starting January 2022, he is serving concurrently as Senior Vice President of Mercari Japan (head of Mercari Group’s Japan businesses).

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    Keisuke Sogawa

    Keisuke Sogawa completed his studies at the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University, and joined an IPA Mitou Youth company in 2011. He went on to launch WebPay at FluxFlex in Silicon Valley. As the Chief Technology Officer of WebPay, he developed the service infrastructure for credit card payment services. He also worked on the LINE Pay business as part of the LINE Group. He joined Mercari Group in June 2017.

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    Akira Inoue

    Akira Inoue graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Hokkaido University. In 1982, he joined Sumitomo Bank (now Mitsui Sumitomo Bank) before going on to work at Daiwa Securities SB Capital Markets. In 2005, he was appointed COO of Daiwa Securities SMBC Principal Investments ahead of becoming CEO of the company in 2008. He next served as Managing Executive Officer of SMBC Nikko Securities before assuming the role of Group Deputy CRO for Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. In 2019, he became the Senior Managing Director and Internal Control Manager for SMBC Nikko Securities. He has been the CRCO for Merpay and Mercoin since September 2021. Inoue is in charge of assessing AML/AFC, compliance, and risk.

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    Executive Directors

    Shingo Fushimi

    Shingo Fushimi joined Recruit (now Recruit Holdings) as a graduate of Waseda University. After gaining sales and management experience in the areas of HR and sales promotion, he started working on new business development. During that time, he focused on the launch and business operation of a service in the O2O payment area. In 2012, he joined a then freshly started Origami, where he was in charge of general business with the goal of expanding business. He also worked on such things as building strategic partnerships and procuring funds. In March 2020, Origami was brought into the fold of Mercari Group, effectively bringing him into the Mercari Group. Fushimi then worked as Merpay VP of Growth before assuming his current position in April 2021.

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    Executive Directors

    Yuta Sato

    Yuta Sato completed the doctoral program (Juris Doctor [Specialist] Degree) of Waseda University’s Graduate School of Law and went on to pass the bar examination in 2010. After completing his practicum at The Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan, which is operated by the country’s Supreme Court, Sato began practicing law at a Tokyo law firm. In 2014, he joined SBI Holdings. There he served as Legal and Compliance General Manager and worked on topics related to fintech involving such things as venture capital, M&A, and the establishment of joint ventures, as well as cryptoasset and blockchain technologies, and overseas money transfers. After Sato joined Merpay in June 2018, he worked on various topics including legal, public policy, and finance; starting in January of 2021, he has worked as Mercari’s Corporate Finance Team Manager. He assumed his current role in July 2021.

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    Executive Directors

    Kazushi Osari

    Kazushi Osari is a graduate of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Engineering, where he majored in aeronautics and astronautics. Prior to joining Mercari in March 2018, he worked as a manager for strategy consulting firm Bain & Company as well as in the President’s Office of Sega Games Co, Ltd. Since Joining Mercari Group, he has worked on the corporate side in the Finance IR Group, Risk and Compliance Group, and the Governance Team, where he was in charge of creating mechanisms and promoting projects. Afterwards, in July 2019, he became director for the Management Strategy Office (formerly the CEO Office). Starting in February 2020, as the Head of Corporate for Merpay, he took charge of the company’s financial affairs, operations planning, legal affairs, compliance, and risk. He assumed his current role in April 2021. In January 2022, he was appointed Vice President and COO of Mercari Japan.