For a society where finite resources are used sparingly,
and everyone can create new value

Mercari Group is taking on initiatives in five areas as part of our continued efforts to help society thrive: Creating a Circular Economy/Mitigating Climate Change; Diversity & Inclusion; Local Empowerment; Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions; and Corporate Governance and Compliance.

Mercoin’s ESG Actions

Mercoin’s Sustainability Initiatives

Mercari Group uses the phrase “planet positive” to express our desire to help solve environmental issues by continuing to generate a positive impact on the environment through our business. We pursue planet-positive action to create a world where anyone can demonstrate their value.

At Mercoin, we take actions to reduce the negative impact of our cryptoasset business, such as carbon offsets based on the scale of users’ transactions.

By mitigating the environmental burden of our cryptoasset business as we expand the positive impact of our marketplace business, Mercari Group works together to pursue our goal of being planet-positive.

Creating a Circular Economy/Mitigating Climate Change

Mercari Group works to contribute to resolving environmental issues by not only minimizing Mercari’s negative impact on the environment, but also making consumer activities more sustainable through our businesses.

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